A lesson of Humility — by Rhea in Lebanon

I have always been a control freak. Constantly trying to control my future, my emotions, meticulously planning my years, months and days ahead. 

All of a sudden, paf! 

Something was much bigger than me. Accordingly, all my plans were off the roof and I felt like I lost control. 

As I went through my initial frustration of my “lost” or postponed professional plans, little by little, I realized I am a teeny tiny spot in our planet… little by little, I learnt to be humble, little by little, I learnt to sit back and relax, little by little, I learnt to let go… and trust the universe. And it worked! 

Going forward, I realize that while I do hold some extent of control, the rest is not up to me. I learnt to go with the flow and let the universe do its magic. 

It feels good 🙂

Rhea, 33, Lebanon