All you wanted to know but were afraid to ask — Nevena in Serbia

Have you been scared? 
I have been scared to death. 
Have you been scared for me?
I have not been thinking about you much lately, to be honest. I have been scared for my beloved ones. That type of fear when you are afraid you will never see anyone ever again. That type of fear that does not end even when you fall asleep. If you fall asleep. 
Do you think anything will be changed once the fear is gone?
I don’t think so (thinking for a moment). – No. Nothing will change. 
Don’t say that!
Nothing will change I’m telling you. 
You mean it will still give me a headache to take a plane if I want to travel? Are you saying there won’t be eventually those super-fast trains that are connecting one city to another all around the world?
Fast and furious remember? No, you will still have to get on board and fly, I’m afraid, if you want to get around the world. 
My Mum and Dad and every other doctor and nurse in the world will still work for a miserable pay! Are you crazy? It’s the first-to-change thing, especially after all the praising. I mean, all my neighbours were applauding at 20h every day for 14 weeks at least. 
Oh dear, I am so sure this won’t change. 
Come on, I’m convinced that they might reconsider the regulations around privatizations. Healthcare shall be one of those things you get when you are born, a human right given by-birth. Look what has happened in the States for God’s sake, there were no public health regulations for all. Health for all is the new #Occupy, no?
Don’t be ridiculous. 
You mean there won’t be disinfection bottles in front of the night-clubs and bars and restaurants when we are going out?? Do you hear me – r e s t a u r a n t s – places where people eat and touch each other and put their fingers into that damn shrimp and try the taste of the wine from the same glass. It kind of makes sense though. Don’t you think so?
It’s not important what I think. It was never important what I think…
It cannot be that there is no plan to dismiss NATO, but create HATO – The Health Atlantic Treaty Organisation that will consist of united forces who are trained, briefed, ready-steady to save the world and react in cases of any pandemics. Am I getting this correctly? Are you really saying this?
It’s barely possible that this will happen. I can think of 10 reasons at least why this won’t happen. 
I just can not believe that once we have proven online working works – once when it became obvious that we can actually use online rooms not only for Tinder chats but for the new biz strategy development –  that no CEO will consider the hybrid ways of working as a new normal. 
I don’t want to indicate that there won’t be some forward-thinking people, among them some CEOs who are progressive and thoughtful… But no, a sustainable change on a global level is so unlikely to happen. 
I have a good one here. Listen, it has become obvious that we are all the same. I mean, I have the same chances of being healthy, desperate, dead as Bill does or as Selim does if such thing strikes us again. Right? I mean, we are all the same in front of such global threats. Discriminating who and why? No more! One Love will happen for once and for real. Don’t you think so? Don’t you think so? Don’t you see this coming?
We are not the same. Yes, we are all humans. And mortal. And regardless of differences we do deserve the same treatments, opportunities and we do not deserve that look you gave to the dirty busted man at the last seat of your tram..But no, nothing will change in terms of how people perceive and treat one another. Your plate of discriminations has just grow and look, you have even more discriminatory ideas now, there. You can think of pointing fingers at someone who is sick, who was sick, who has a friend who was sick. One Love is not a song, it’s a lullaby. 
I’m sure my best friends at least – AT LEAST – will stop that endless online orders and shipping. Why do we need such a variety of clothes? How many shoes per 30-year-old Western European lady we can actually count? And for the once can we give an answer – why? What our wardrobes were doing while we were #StayingAtHome? It’s a sad story of a night dress.
That one is really a sad one. And I’m afraid we are hopeless here, my dear.
Are you trying to say that people will stop hugging trees? People will stop hugging the trees! People will not stop hugging trees – this can’t be true!
Yes, eventually, people will stop hugging trees, they will stop hugging my trees, they will eventually stop hugging me, if they ever did (Mrs Earth sighs). 
But think like this – who can you hug instead? 
I can still hug my mother and it’s kinda the same. 
Nevena, 32, Serbia