Brief meditation on how I use my freedom — by Norbert in Poland

At the beginning of this Covid issue I remember when I was in a supermarket to buy some groceries. The view of people with trolleys full of boxes of rice and pasta, or rolls of toilet paper, got me this brief weird feeling of anxiety. It was just before the lockdown. Few days later I realized that I am not anymore as free as I used to be. It made me think.

I suppose I have not been suffering from a lockdown in the same way as many people have. I do not consider myself as an outgoing person, in fact, for the past months I have not been going out often. I had my own, demo-version lockdown, so sitting at home did not bother me as much. However, the moment I realized that I cannot go out with my friends anymore, or I cannot play football, or I cannot even go for a simple walk at one point, I suddenly felt that I would like all of it right away. Something was stolen from me and I have never wanted it back as much as at that time.

It has shown me that I have not been using my freedom as much as I could. I would like to remember it, when it all ends. I would like to remember that I am free man and as a free man I am able to experience life and everything it offers but this freedom is not obvious at all. One wrong political decision, or one virus and suddenly the amount of life opportunities shrinks. Not to mention various accidents that happen to us individually. So, the conclusion is – everyday use your time and freedom in the best way possible for you, otherwise you will regret it.

At the end of the day, the freedom of choice is unconditioned. I can choose how I deal with the situation I have found myself in. It is wonderful time to stop and take a look at what is really important in life and I think this is crucial for making our own lives better and, in consequence, for making the whole world better.

Norbert, 25, Poland