I miss them — by Thomas in Austria

I miss going to the cinema.
I don’t miss the mysterious stains on cinema seats.

I miss office banter.
I don’t miss the wasted time in work meetings.

I miss going to museums.
I don’t miss pushing aside people to glance at a painting.

I miss full schedules.
I don’t miss never having time for myself.

I miss crowded bars.
I don’t miss waiting in line for a drink.

I miss having options.
I don’t miss my „fear of missing out“.

I miss flying away over the weekend.
I don’t miss my flights being always late.

I miss having somewhere to go every evening.
I don’t miss the evenings I’d rather have been alone at home.

I miss travelling.
I don’t miss being jealous of other people’s vacation pics.

I miss making new friends at a party.
I don’t miss small talk.

I miss being a tourist.
I don’t miss tourists.

I miss shaking off on a dance floor.
I don’t miss actually rather wanting to be at home watching Netflix than being on a dance floor.

I don’t miss shaking hands with strangers.
I miss hugging my parents.

Thomas, 33, Austria