Ideas for Change: We for Us

Triggered by Corona – What changes do you wish to see in society at large?

Education Special

How about education reform? — by Afterlife in Belgium

Public discourse is marked by spotlight discussions on definitive issues, like climate change, inequality or digitisation. Naturally so. We humans can only consume as much information at once. There is nothing wrong with those discussions. In fact, we often avoid them for reasons like fear, greed or loss of power. Change of some kind, I guess.

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When — by Afterlife in Belgium

And when this ends we will emerge, shyly
and then all at once, dazed, longhaired as we embrace
loved ones the shadow spared, and weep for those
it gathered in its shroud.

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On prosperity — by Michael in Finland

Prosperity is a fine term. It refers not only to material possessions or to an account balance, but to well-being. The natural world and the societies beside it should both be allowed to prosper.

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