If I only had the time… — by Steffi in Austria

During the last months the circumstances were perfect, laboratory conditions in fact. We could not go to work, meet friends, visit relatives, travel. The pressure of society to use ones’ time as productive and efficient as possible was suddenly gone, because it was simply not possible. Nothing of the things that usually consume our time and keep us from finally doing what we had postponed for some other time were there anymore. No, a lot of time was given to us instead, without having to decide consciously, without consuming our precious annual holiday to take some time off. Finally being able to read a book again, learn an instrument, whip ones appartment or garden into shape, do exercises, call a friend or relative you have not been talking to in a long time. But how did we actually spend the time that was given to us through this quarantaine? Did we actually do all of those things we always imagined we would do if we had the time?

If I only had the time, then…
What happens if only for once we could spend out time exactly how we would want to? Till now this question was utopian because the condition to do so would never be fulfilled anyway. Therefor the ilusion that most of the time outer circumstances are the reason for not doing certain things was always being kept up.

“I don’t have time for this now” actually means: “This is not my priority right now, i rather use my time and energy for something else.”

So what is keeping us from doing those things we really want to do if we only had the time. The answer is actually NO ONE except OURSELVES. And if one thing, apart from many others, was taken from us during this qurantaine, is the ilusion that we would finally do the things we really want to do if outer circumstances were different and we finally had the time. It’s not the time, it’s more what we consider as a priority in our life, what’s important enough to use our time and energy for.

It’s disillusioning and hurtful to admit that often it’s not the time. If I had the […], then…

Steffi, 34, Austria