Let science and facts reign — by George in France

Ending week 6 of lockdown in Paris has made me realize that the world’s opinion has underestimated how much our planet is tightly interwoven. Today over 7 billion of us yearn for the same – freedom of movement, physical and mental exercise, economic reward and human interaction – four basic human necessities currently tested by COVID19. Impressive how a “simple flu variation” has just brought to its knees national healthcare systems of some of the most “advanced economies” like the US, France, Italy and Spain, and given way to a new global financial crisis without precedent. Health concerns all, independent of their sex, age, ethnicity, continent, social class or political affiliation. Ebola and COVID19 show us that pandemic threats are more than ever a reality the world is unable to confront. No wall is high enough and no mask is secure enough to stop it.

Now I dare you to imagine what damage climate change could do. Luckily, we have seen that centralised and quick decision-making, as well as transnational cooperation have been the most successful measures to date. Still, this recent crisis has reminded us that healthcare and climate change are to be considered as long-term and structurally apolitical agendas that should be run by experts in parallel to the government, certainly not by a politician, however good his or her intentions, that has a 5 year plan at best.

George, France