Living with the Corona virus in New York City — by Denise in the USA

I’ve lived a very long time, 80 years in fact. At no time in my life has there been such an event as that of the pandemic. After a week of staying at home the shock wore off and the anxiety and depression hit hard. I live in one of the largest most populated cities in the U.S.A., New York City.

New Yorkers jam together on the subways and buses, we walk fast and close to each other, we go out at night to eat or for entertainment, we are crammed in seats at the theatre and movies. I am among the fortunate. I don’t live in a underserved community where people hold two and three jobs and their children are at home because the public and private schools are closed. They cannot afford to miss work. No showing up no pay.

Old friends call me people I had not heard from in 20 to 30 years. My neighbors offered to bring food, do errands, and give general support by phone. My sons come by taking a chance that they could become infected to drop off various items. 

Connecting with others has given me solace. I meet a friend once a week in Central Park just to chat and see each other. We are masked and gloved and stay six feet apart. 

Governors whether Republican or Democratic are cooperating and joining together to get through this crisis. Our lives will be different. We will be affected by global occurrences in the future. No more ignoring the signs of something dangerous as we did.  Give science the place it deserves in policymaking, 

Denise, USA