Making time — by Marie in The Netherlands

I have a full-time job and usually travel on weekends. Even on weekdays my evenings magically get filled with “things to do” or “events to attend”. While I miss my family and friends terribly, the one thing that this lockdown has done for me is creating time. All of a sudden the only item in my agenda for the evening is walking my dog in the forest. Now I don’t feel rushed, I can notice the trees slowly flushing their leaves. Back home in the backyard I see that the honeysuckle has finally started climbing up the wall. Besides spending more time outside surrounded by plants, I have also been able to catch up with friends and family members. When hearing my grandmother’s cheerful voice on the phone, I regret not having called her for so long. Overall these events have made me reflect on how I spend my time under normal circumstances. Conclusion: I hope that this lockdown will teach me to slow down a little and make time for the people I care about.

Marie, The Netherlands