On prosperity — by Michael in Finland

Prosperity is a fine term. It refers not only to material possessions or to an account balance, but to well-being. The natural world and the societies beside it should both be allowed to prosper. Sustainability is sensibility. True prosperity is sustained and balanced prosperity.

What are societies built to achieve? What do they attempt to maintain?

Once the foundational levels of Maslow’s hierarchy are satisfied, it seems we struggle to find true answers. We create obscure organizations and systems to feel organized. But are they effective? Are they even efficient? In any case, they are fiction. What is real is human and natural. Do we see beyond our daily fiction?

Our lives are based on roles. We take on many roles and we mean well in all of them. 

As a voter, 

             a scientist,

                         an investor,

                                      a politician,

                                                    a salesman,

                                                                  a consumer,

                                                                                a relative,

                                                                                             a friend. 

Yet oftentimes we lack understanding about what to do. How to do it. What we actually have and what we actually lack. In these times but also at other times we need each other. We need to work together and see beyond the fiction and beyond our daily roles. Prosperity is attainable but requires a common definition. A sustainable definition.  
Star Trek may not intuitively be a very forward-looking reference in 2020. Nevertheless, in these exceptional times, let us live long and prosper.

Michael, Finnland