About the Blog & the Creators

We are in a time where everyone around the world probably shares more than ever before. Most of us stay home, if we have one, to work, if we still have work. In short, we notice how the coronavirus strongly impacts our lives, both physically and mentally.

We sense anxieties and uncertainties, but also a feeling of solidarity and hope in many different ways. And we witness that this crisis is not just a crisis – where we are powerless and inactive – but an opportunity for real change. 

Many unthinkable things suddenly become thinkable, in our economies, the environment, governance or simply in our personal lives.

For better or worse, many things won’t change from one day to the next, even after this crisis. But – like with many crises – we believe there is great potential for positive change. We see this time as a turning point, no matter how small or large the changes may be.

This is why we are launching this forward-looking blog. We want to see what people around the world want to change: personally and in society at large. We also created a virtual Art Room for children, as many around the world are in lock-down right now. We would love them to visualise their dreams and wishes for the future and send us a photo of their art work.

We are Klaudia Majcher and Joseph Waldstein. Two Europeans, born and raised in Poland and Austria, respectively.

We want to bring people closer together, at least by sharing ideas. We want to create a virtual art space for young people. And we want to take peoples’ minds off the current events, even if only for some minutes – by looking ahead.

This is a time for new visions, views and voices – a real opportunity for positive change.

We understand the afterlife to be a fresh beginning of one’s life. 

Klaudia & Joseph