This world will change soon — by Herbert in Austria

I am convinced that we live in a period of time in which fundamental things will change. How? Why? Well, many pray for ‘your kingdom to come’. Well, this kingdom will solve all human problems! (Rel 21:3,4) No illnesses, no death, no war, eternal life…wishful thinking, impossible?? We can read in the Bible in Matthew 29:26: “…Jesus said to them: With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  

This worldwide crisis has shown me and I am sure millions of other people that this kingdom is just around the corner. So, despite this bad time we can look in to the future with confidence, but its up to ourselves to develop this trust, by getting to know our creator and his purpose better.

These are just a few lines, but it can. be worth thinking about it. 

Herbert, 55, Austria