Something in between — by Luciano in Austria

A good man I met on the long way home from a place far away asked me about my thoughts and hopes for the future. On a personal level there isn’t much to say: I hope things don’t change too much. Life was good before and I prefer it to stay that way.
As for the society that we all live in, I eerily hope for the same – in some aspects: We should resist the calls for a “new normal” and “nothing will be the same”. As much as current measures may make sense, we should not lose sight of the context that they have to be a short-lived exception and not the norm (also not a new one).
Without doubt we are living through a turning point in history and some things will probably change for good. We will probably wash our hands more often, we will probably be more aware about hygiene in public. Human nature doesn’t change too much though. We will want to go back to the restaurants, to the concert halls, to the football stadiums, to the beaches and some of us even head first into the sangría bowls. And those who don’t find any pleasure in any of those activities that include other people, they still miss their freedom.
Let’s look forward to all those things we already miss 
Luciano, Austria