Write & Draw With Us

This is an open and forward-looking blog. Everyone can publish ideas and children can present their art works.

BlogDo you see any opportunity for change now or after the crisis? Send us your contribution for one or the categories:

   I for Myself: What potential do you see for personal change?
   We for Us: What changes do you want to see in society at large? 
Blog posts should be in English and between approximately 150 and 300 words. Give your idea a title. If you want to sign with your first name, tell us your age and where you are currently based, great. If you prefer your post to be anonymous, fair enough. 
 Blog posts should present an opportunity for change in your daily life or in the world. Now or in the future – and triggered by Corona. Please understand that in line with the idea behind this blog we won’t publish any contributions that we deem to be offensive to others.

Art Room. Draw, sculpt, make a collage or visualise your dreams and wishes for the future. Take a picture of your work and send it to us. When you share it with us, don’t forget a title. You are also free to indicate your first name, age and current location. If you know other people, who like sharing ideas, please guide them to our blog. Many thanks for your support. We look forward to reading your thoughts/seeing your art.